Flóreer – A Collaboration with She is Visual









A collaboration with Marize Albertyn from She is Visual



Photo: Marize Albertyn

Marize came to see me in my studio over a year ago to discuss developing a custom perfume blend for her.

I was expecting the usual brief detailing the kind of scent to aim for. Instead, Marize laid her heart on the table in a really touching way.

She wanted a perfume that captured her personal journey and the resultant deep sense of femininity that she had learnt in the process.



Photo: Marize Albertyn


At times it felt an impossible task to capture the delicacy and sensitivity with which she moves through the world and to then anchor it into the quiet but incredible strength that roots her firmly to the ground.

I believe I managed to achieve it in the end though and, of course, the result is beautiful.


Photo: Marize Albertyn


The blend is feminine but not in any of the gendered ways in which we are taught to think of femininity. The white floral note is not frivolous or incredibly heady, it’s a creamy fresh jasmine/gardenia which subtly lures one in.

Likewise, the musky finish is not sexy per se but hints at a deep femininity that I only understand or feel comfortable wearing at this point in my life.



Photo: Marize Albertyn


There’s also a ripeness in the blend – thanks to the notes of osmanthus and peach – that speaks to an assured femininity.

Marize surprised me when she requested that I include tobacco absolute and it was a challenge to work it seamlessly into the rest but its inclusion creates a mystery that would have been lacking without it.



Photo: Marize Albertyn


This perfume is unlike anything I’ve blended or even smelled before, as unique as she is.


Follow this link to purchase your bottle of Flóreer.