Discovery Set


The gift of scent.
Introducing our Perfume Discovery Gift Sets.
Your loved one* will have a chance to slowly savour each perfume and once they have made their decision we will send them a full-sized bottle of their chosen perfume, thus extending the pleasure of your gift.

*It is, of course, perfectly healthy to be your own loved one.

The Discovery Gift Set includes:

i. A SAMPLE SET with all seven of our perfumes, a personalised message and a description of each scent;

ii. A full-sized 30ml PERFUME of their choice in our beautiful and sustainable new packaging, shipped to your loved one for free.



1. A Fern (new)

My take on the classic Fougère type of perfume. The beauty of this blend rests on the tension between the clean, almost powdery, green notes and the woody wildness that lies beneath.

Bergamot, Angelica, Cedar, Moss

2. Magnolia  (new)

An intensely powdery and sharp white magnolia. Soapy-clean and dry but with a tender floral heart. In one word: insouciance. This perfume contains Beeswax Absolute and is therefore our only perfume that is not vegan.

Magnolia, Petitgrain, Anise, Orris

3. Moussem  (reblended)

We have reformulated this Saint d’Ici classic to simply be extra nice and more tenacious. It remains an easy-wearing perfume though, capturing the folklore of the moussems and the warmth of North Africa’s Maghreb.

Cardamom, Rose, Geranium, Patchouli

4. Nsika  (new)

Nsika is isiZulu for the timber that supports a rondavel’s roof and alludes to a quiet but unencumbered strength. Nsika highlights Ouhout’s vast range of notes. The opening is bold and clear, the heart is warm and the drydown is mossy with the somewhat sharp, but rich, scent of decaying wood.

Ouhout, Moss

5. Resina  (reblended)

Resina celebrates the ancient power of tree resins. The opening is big and distinctly coniferous but this quickly settles into a comforting muskiness. The resins in the blend also lend a powdery, dusty note that stays throughout.

Omumbiri, Frankincense, Pine, Styrax

6. Saint-Jeannet  (new)

A nostalgic perfume that encapsulates the part of my childhood that was spent in the little village of Saint-Jeannet in Provence. Agrestic and warm..

Lavender, Cedar, Tonka, Labdanum

7. Within A Budding Grove  (reblended)

Although different from the original, the essence of the blend remains: it is the naïveté of our youth as it flourishes into adulthood. The new edition replaces the Orange with the wonderful sparkly nature of Ruby Grapefruit. The white floral is fuller and creamier. Feminine in spirit.

Jasmine, Ruby Grapefruit, Vetiver, Ambrette Seed

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