Parfum d’Ambiance: The Horticulturist


The wonderful moist, earthy, sweet and green scent of a greenhouse. The deep, mossy scent of decaying wood in the base makes this Parfum d’Ambiance particularly attractive.

Notes: Fynbos, Patchouli, Oakmoss

A Parfum d’Ambiance is a perfume for your space – either your home or work. Ours are made entirely of botanical ingredients and are thus kinder on the nose and less likely to cause respiratory difficulties than commercial room fragrances.

There are two ways of diffusing the Parfum d’Ambiance: with reeds and by burning. Diffusing with reeds provides a constant but more subtle scent. For an impactful but short-lived effect you can place a few drops in a burner.

If diffusing with reeds, remove the screwcap and place the reeds inside the bottle. Turning the reeds upside down regularly will keep the Parfum d’Ambiance diffused in the space. If using in an essential oil burner, be sure to place the Parfum d’Ambiance in the container before lighting a flame, as it is flammable.

Our Parfums d’Ambiance are a 90% concentration of botanical perfume ingredients and a 10% concentration of non-denatured alcohol.

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