Public Record

“Dedicated to local and international artists and makers, Public Record has a special focus on New Zealand and Japanese artisans, celebrating work that is intelligent and is finished with a high standard of craft.”

Public Record Ponsonby

Photo supplied by Public Record

Public Record is tucked away on the lower part of Auckland’s Ponsonby Road. Its neighbours are the cult favourite Search and Destroy, with its rare vintage clothing, records and famous toasties; and the original perfumery Curio Noir owned by local wahine, Tiffany Witehira.

Public Record

Photo by Cindy Leong

Owner, Yuka O’Shannessy, came to New Zealand from her native Tokyo in her twenties, initially to study English. There she met her would-be husband, graphic designer Tristan O’Shannessy and, inspired by the community he built working on various projects, she decided to follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. In this way she met many wonderful people throughout her career. Public Record was a culmination of her desires: a space that is both a store and gallery carrying clothing, art and objects that can be enjoyed as an experience but equally be taken home on a whim.

Public Record

Photo by Liz Clarkson

Which scents immediately transport you back to Japan?

The fresh, woody scent of Hinoki, a Japanese Cypress, is my immediate association with Japan. It is entwined in the wonderful memories of our childhood in Japan.
The deep rich scent of sandalwood incense.
Also…the smell of wet concrete after the rain (I’m from Tokyo x)

Public Record

Photo by Liz Clarkson

What has become an archetypal New Zealand smell for you?

New Zealand has a beautiful natural clean air which carries the scents of the season.
The smell of my spring garden is especially lovely
In summer I like to escape the sun by going into the dense bush and surrounding myself with the smell of the fern forests and damp soil.
Tī kōuka (New Zealand Cabbage Tree) flowers.
The sweet anise scent of kawakawa, a medicinal plant.

Public Record

Photo by Samantha Totty

What do you yearn for in a perfume?

Like a cigarette and coffee… I love deep, very mature tobacco, woody smoky scents.
I also love the clean yet gentle scent of cypress, eucalyptus and peony.
I’m very sensitive to smells and would love to work on my own fragrance one day.

Saint d'Ici perfumes at Public Record Ponsonby

Which is your favourite of the Saint d’Ici perfumes?

Resina – It has a very interesting balance and features the woody scents that I’m drawn to. It makes me feel both empowered and playful.

A selection of our perfumes are now available at Public Record.