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Saint d’Ici is a natural and limited edition parfumerie based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At its heart, Saint d’Ici is an ethical African parfumerie. This is a work-in-progress as we slowly discover more and more indigenous ingredients and as we continue to connect with more small-scale growers and distillers across our continent. These growers and distillers often introduce us to new ingredients that they’ve had the initiative to experiment with. The potential for high-value crops such as those used in perfumery to create sustainable agricultural opportunities for African farmers is great. Many of the suppliers that we work with are also community development and community-owned initiatives.

We create only limited edition perfumes because replicability with natural ingredients is very challenging, especially so when working with small-scale farmers who don’t always repeat on previous season’s crops. Truly working with nature means following its natural cycles and celebrating its variability. Just as good wines praise their terroir, so too are our perfumes part of a time and a place. Our bottles are limited to between 50 and 350 bottles.

‘The name, Saint d’Ici, comes from my earliest olfactive memories. I spent a great deal of time growing up at my grandparents’ house near the small village of Saint Jeannet in Provence. I distinctly remember rosemary, lavender and laurel when I think back to that time. It was these beautiful classic natural scents that first drew me to natural perfumery. However, as I started to explore local African perfume materials, a whole new world of smells opened up to me. Rich, dusty, sweet-herbaceous, animalic and deep scents. I think of these scents as archetypal smells. Africa is the cradle of humankind so it follows that its scents are an important part of our ancient perfume heritage. Saint Jeannet was updated, it became Saint d’Ici (of here), a blend of both worlds.’

– Marie Aoun

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