Photos of the Studio Garden

In many ways this year has been an extremely tumultuous one. Lives and businesses have been turned upside down. Despite this we have experienced such loyalty from our customers and are truly grateful for the support you have shown to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our  studio looks out onto a beautiful garden and we are blessed to be able to work here where we can glance at the garden every now and then.

I am always amazed that come what may, nature never fails to continue its cycle. In face of this year bringing plenty of uncertainty and change, nature remained and still remains constant in the changing of its seasons. Buds bloom, plants that were severely cut down in winter double their size again, pollination takes place. Trees that were stripped bare adorn themselves with hundreds of leaves again.

Its never-ending abundance instills such awe.

We hope you enjoy these photos from our studio garden.